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Welcome to New products available today have revolutionized the aesthetic beauty industry. An online introduction to cosmetic skin care johannesburg needs as well as travel clinic requirements such as yellow fever.

We are now far more aware of looking great and feeling confident about our appearance. It was only a few decades ago that women routinely had all their teeth extracted in their twenties, and regarded the birth of a baby as the signal to enter old age.

This has all changed. Todays forty is like yesterdays twenty five. People are motivated to look good, feel confident, and be attractive and healthy.

botox fillers johanesburg restylane cosmetic skin careRecent advances in beauty technology have increased the options available.

Whereas until a few years ago the decision to have cosmetic surgery was a daunting one, with lifelong implications and the possibilities of irreversible complications, there are now new options, involving far less invasive procedures, with no permanent implications.

Treating the signs of aging is now as realistic and atraumatic as going to the hairdresser.

Botox has exploded onto the beauty and skin care scene in the last few years. It has become a major factor in the industry and is without comparison for dramatic results. When used alone or in conjunction with fillers it has become indispensable to people who want to look their very best.

Fillers, from collagen to injectable fat, have also become very popular. In line with the current trend to use natural products, hyaluronic acid fillers, of which Restylane, Juvederm and Teosyal are among the most trusted and prestigious, have opened a whole new world for skin rejuvenation.

Reputable firms such as Allergan have introduced Prevage MD, a daily anti-oxidant facial cream which delivers stunning results.

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