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Botox treatment comprises a number of tiny injections accurately given into the areas chosen. These injections are not usually painful, and seldom cause bleeding and bruising.

It takes a few days for the results to become obvious, and the effect lasts for three to four months. The effect is usually stunning. The injections are not as painful as some make out.

choose botox for free lines cosmetics.Botox cosmetic treatments: The medical use of Botox, a toxin produced by a bacterium, is one of many examples of poisons and toxins used to good effect in medicine.

The muscle relaxants used in anaesthetics originated, for example, in the jungles of the Amazon where indigenous hunters dipped their arrows in poison to paralyse their prey.

Today these derivatives are used in every operating theatre in the world, to make possible life saving operations. Botox is so safe that it is actually registered for use in spastic children. In the doses used cosmetically, it is one of the safest products on the market. It works by blocking the signal from nerve to muscle. It has no adverse effect on either.

The only time it should not be used is in pregnancy, feeding mothers, certain neuro-muscular diseases, or when the patient is on certain anti-biotics.

This is why it should be administered by a trained medical practitioner, in a controlled setting, after an interview. Botox parties should be avoided. You wouldn’t allow your baby to be vaccinated at a get together which starts with a glass of wine. Botox is not a miracle product, but it can produce an absolutely dramatic improvement to the way a person looks and feels.

The important thing is to be well informed as to what is possible, and what to expect. It is especially effective for smoothing the forehead, reducing crows’ feet around the eyes, and raising the corners of the mouth.

One of the most effective uses is to smooth out frown lines, the vertical lines between the eyes on the forehead which make us look tired and angry. All in all, judiciously applied Botox can strip years off a person’s face.

Botox is injected in tiny amounts per area using an insulin syringe, which has a very fine needle. Bleeding is minimal, and the incidence of bruising can be minimized using the correct techniques. The effects first appear after about five days, reach their peak at about two weeks, and last for about three to four months.

A bonus in many cases is that tension headaches disappear for months when Botox is used on the forehead. Although Botox smoothes the area which is wrinkled, it cannot fill a deep wrinkle which is long standing. For that a filler is needed.

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